Auto insurance provides protection for bodily injury and property damage caused to others. It also can provide coverage for damage to your vehicle and provide coverage for your own bodily injury when hurt by someone who is underinsured/uninsured. Each auto policy can be tailored to a client’s specific needs for protection.


Homeowners policies insure homes that are occupied by the owner and also provide coverage for personal possessions and liability.


Rental policies insure a home that is tenant occupied. This policy covers the building structure and limited contents of the home; liability coverage is also available.


Dwelling coverage is insurance for a property you own and rent to others. This insurance policy covers the structure, detached structures, personal property, loss of use, personal liability and medical coverage for others.


Insures condominiums that are owned and occupied by policyholder or tenant and also provides coverage for personal possessions and liability.


A personal umbrella policy substantially increases your overall liability coverage beyond the basic coverage provided under your homeowners and auto insurance policies. This low cost policy is designed to protect you and your family against a catastrophic lawsuit or judgment.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between the “Owner” of the policy and the insurance company.  The insurance company will pay an amount that the “Insured” was insured for.

Health Insurance

Health insurance protects the “Policy Owner” for the risk against incurring medical expenses.

Discount Dental Plans

We proudly offer our clients access to 30+ discount dental plans, an affordable alternative to dental insurance. Save 10% to 60% on most dental procedures, including checkups, cleanings, braces, and cosmetic dentistry on select plans. Group, individual & family plans available starting as low as $79.95 per year. View Available Plans »

Travel Insurance

Protects travelers against medical expenses, default of travel carriers, or additional losses while traveling.

Personal Bonds


A type of insurance policy that a bond issuer purchases that guarantees the repayment of the principal and all associated interest payments to the bondholders in the event of default.