Business Auto

Protects your business for injury or damages caused by an employee while driving a vehicle owned by your company. It can also provide excess coverage for employees driving their personal auto for company use.

General Liability

Protects your business against claims of negligence for bodily injury or property damage at your place of business or at a job site.

Worker’s Compensation

Protects your business from bodily injury to an employee while on the job.

Inland Marine

Specialized protection for equipment owned and used by a business. Types of equipment covered can vary from machinery used by contractors to office computer systems.


Protects your business by providing additional liability coverage over your company’s General Liability and Business Auto policy limits.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between the “Owner” of the policy and the insurance company. The insurance company will pay an amount that the “Insured” was insured for.

Health Insurance

Health insurance protects the “Policy Owner” for the risk against incurring medical expenses.

Commercial Bonds

bondCommercial bonds fulfill public, legal and government security requirements against financial risk and to guarantee that a business, organization, or individual complies with specified legal obligations.